What To Wear To Hot Yoga

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It’s the start of January and I just left hot yoga class and saw so many new faces. It seems like everyone is leaning hard into exercise at the start of the year, and it’s so great to see people jump into new things! Did you know that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January? The key is to set realistic and attainable goals. Being consistent can really help improve your health and wellness. I have been attending yoga classes for years, albeit sometimes more consistently than others. Yoga has been a constant or me because I’ve found that it is the only organized exercise that I continue to return to. I also love the clothes, so today I’m sharing what to wear to hot yoga!

Yoga has so many benefits for your physical and mental well-being. On top of being a great workout, I have found that it helps me center myself. I can focus on my goals, and clear my mind, even if it’s just for the hour I’m in class. Exercise in general helps reduce cortisol levels (your stress hormone), and increase metabolism activity while improving cognitive function. Wearing the right outfits for your exercise can have important benefits too.

On top of looking cute, the style, fit, and materials of your workout gear can affect your exercise. Below I’m sharing what to wear to hot yoga to stay comfortable and motivated.

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

While all yoga studios have their own specifications, hot yoga is generally defined as a form of yoga taking place in a heated and occasionally humidified studio anywhere from 80-100 degrees. The heated room helps warm your muscles, which increases your range of motion and releases tension. This leads to deeper stretches and more rapid recovery time. Hot yoga benefits include flexibility, stress relief, endurance, and strength building.

Understanding the basics of hot yoga can tell us a lot about what we should be wearing to class. The heat alone will cause us to sweat so you’ll want something lightweight that absorbs sweat and/or is moisture-wicking. Given the stretching involved, you’ll want to make sure your hot yoga clothing is tensible and well-made so it won’t tear or rip when you go into a downward-facing dog. I have also found it is important to look at the fabric and what it is made to do. Of course, no one can stop you from wearing running tights to hot yoga, but you will be much better served in an outfit made for 100-degree studios vs 40-degree trails.

In addition to your outfits, you won’t want to forget a yoga mat, yoga towel for sweat, and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

What Is Hot Yoga?

There are tons of different styles of yoga. Bikram is a very specific type of yoga with a set 26 posture sequence. In my experience, Vinyasa yoga is more common. A vinyasa is a flow between postures or asanas and typically coordinates breath with movement. Vinyasa classes, hot or otherwise, begin with Sun Salutations A and B then move into a standing sequence. Yogis then move into a series of postures followed by a standing (oftentimes a balance) sequence, followed by a floor (often core) sequence, then ending with Shavasana, or corpse pose (laying on your back completely still).

There are several versions of Vinyasa yoga including hot, flow, power, core strength, and more. My studio also has a sculpt class that begins with a power vinyasa and transitions to weights and repetitive movements. It still ends with a traditional shavasana.

A hot yoga class is very different than other workout classes or just going to the gym. Hot yoga, in addition to the heated room, combines intentional breathing with your movement, meditation, and setting an intention or mantra to repeat during class, and is rooted in great historical significance and practice. When practicing yoga you are doing more than working out, it is a full physical, mental, and sometimes emotional experience.

6 Best Hot Yoga Outfits

Matching Set

I love a cute matching set for yoga! If the fabric is performance fabric, supportive, and comfortable a set is one of my favorite options. You feel put together and the set was made to be worn together, so you are maximizing the performance wear. This may sound silly, but I equate matching sets to using the same brand and collection of shampoo and conditioner: they were made to work together, anything else can cause competition in the products, but when used together you reach maximum performance.

Looking good when working out is a proven confidence booster too! A matching set will be the most stylish option for your hot yoga class. Below I’m wearing an older FP Movement set that has since been discontinued, but you can get a similar look with this Floral Happiness Runs Crop and black leggings. Below are some of my favorite sets right now.

One Shoulder or Asymmetrical Sports Bra Tops

One-shoulder or asymmetrical sports bras have been very popular lately. I was originally hesitant that they wouldn’t stay on or hold properly, but I found that it was super comfortable and I felt even better because it was so cute! I have this ribbed one-shoulder Ribbed Nulu Asymmetrical Yoga Bra from Lululemon and I absolutely love it! However, even though it was great for hot yoga, I would hesitate to wear it to a sculpt class or any type of cardio. This one specifically notes its light support for A/B cups, so pay attention to the support levels when shopping. Most sites give support levels for sports bras, so check to see if what they recommend wearing works for you!

Sports Bra and Leggings

This is a classic option and can be worn in a thousand different styles and ways. Since it is a classic, I typically opt for this look. I even snapped this photo on the left, of my Alo cutout top and Lululemon Align leggings right before class today! The Uggs are optional, but I always wear them to hot yoga class in the winter. On the right, we have another one of my favorites in the FP Movement Happiness Runs Crop. I have this in tons of colors and love it. Contrary to the name I would not wear this running and reserve it for yoga.

I love this option because you can have so much fun with it. You can grab a trendy, strappy, or asymmetrical top paired with classic leggings or find some fun colorful leggings, or even flare leggings (as the kids call what I know as hot yoga pants these days) to pair with a more simple sports bra. Your top could be a standard sports bra style or a longline sports bra, or even a fitted tank with a bra built in, it’s really up to your comfort level and what you prefer for hot yoga. I usually opt for a longline sports bra these days.

More of my favorite sports bras and leggings are linked below!

Short Set

Transparently shorts are not my thing for hot yoga. I prefer leggings to absorb the sweat rather than get super slippery. Wearing shorts is great in the summertime outside, but in the studio, I find they don’t help reduce the heat, and I ultimately can’t hold poses as well when I’m uncomfortable. That said, plenty of people wear shorts in my studio, so it’s totally up to your personal preference. I didn’t want to leave this option out just because it wasn’t mine, and after finding so many cure sets I’m thinking about trying them again!


A yoga one-piece is next on my list to try, but if you like the fabric of a brand or collection, one-pieces seem like an excellent option for hot yoga. Lately, I’ve found myself fidgeting with my waistband or pulling down some crops in class, and a one-piece would be tight-fitting and likely take care of that because nothing would move at all! A pone-piece could really help you focus in your hot yoga practice. I love all of the below brands, fabrics, and styles so I feel very confident linking these options for you to try and I will certainly report back once I try one for myself!

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