Winter Coat Shopping Tips

A winter coat is a staple pieces that I want to go with every outfit.  It has to fit over layers and I like mine to be a classic style that can carry me through a few seasons. I had my last winter coat for years, but it was time for an upgrade.
Living in Texas I don’t need a winter coat too often, but it does get chilly for a few months here. I also travel back to Ohio for the holidays and I have a few other winter trips planned for which I’ll need to keep warm. Since I won’t get as much use out of it as I used to in the midwest, I really want to be sure I am making a good investment. So, here are my top 3 winter coat shopping tips:
1. Buy something comfortable. Fit is one of the most important things I look for in a coat. Be sure it fits not only in what you’re wearing, but over a couple layers for the chilly days.
2. Function. This sounds silly, but make sure it’s actually warm. I wanted so many different cute coats in the last few years, but having to walk across a college campus in below zero temps forced me to buy something a little more practical.
3. Make sure it is a good investment. Winter coats are expesive, and I don’t know many people who buy a new one every year. I try to choose classic pieces for my style, and my coat shoice is no different.
 xoxo Kasey

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