Winter Nail Art Designs with Dazzle Dry and Top Solid Colors to try at Home from Target

Winter Nail Art ideas featured by top Dallas life and style blog, Running in Heels.

I hate to admit it, but I’m becoming my mother! Every two weeks, without fail my mom runs to her nail appointment for her bi-monthly manicure, and now, so do I. Granted, we’re very different in our color choices, nail art and design, length, shape, and pretty much everything else, but one thing we do agree on is that we look most put together with painted nails.

I used to think I was low maintenance (lol), and that I’d never spend money on such a silly thing. Well, as it turns out I haven’t gained enough patience, so I can’t sit still long enough to paint my own nails. Plus, I really enjoy fun colors and designs!

I’ve developed a pattern each season in the nail art colors I choose, so starting now with Winter, I’m sharing all of my favorite nail colors and designs.

Best Nail Colors for Winter

I always switch to darker nail art and colors in the winter. I love shades of dark purple and gray. Around the holiday season, I usually choose a shade of red. I also love adding in some sparkle and metallic!

The Best Type of Nail Polish to Get in a Salon

When I got my nails professionally done, I used to exclusively get gel polish, but after a while, the gel was chipping off of my nails within days of getting it done! It was incredibly frustrating. I was complaining about it on my Instagram stories, and that’s when Jennifer messaged me about Dazzle Dry, and told me I should come back to Verbena Parlor to try it out. After Dazzle Dry stayed on my nails for more than two weeks I was sold! Since then, I go to Verbena Parlor to get my nails done in Dazzle Dry by Jennifer!

Dazzle Dry is sold in salons and on their website, here. More colors and brand I use at home are linked below!

Nail Art Inspiration for Winter

I have an entire Pinterest board that I pin new nail art ideas to all the time! You can always check that for some of my inspiration, but below are a few of my favorite nail art styles from the last couple of years!

Below are some of my favorite nail art designs from the past. Confetti with foil, ombré glitter, and silver and gold brush strokes. My salon, Verbena Parlor and Social House is amazing with nail art! If you’re in Dallas, definitely check them out and find me there every couple of weeks!

Nail Art Styles

  • Matte
  • Ombre
  • Reverse French
  • Geometric lines
  • Confetti
  • Half nails
  • Foil
  • Different colored nails
  • Metallic
  • Brush Strokes
  • Dots

The below images are some of my favorite solid colors and simpler designs from when I got gel polish. I still love these colors and wear them all throughout the seasons! Below are some of my favorite color options.

OPI Colors Below:

Essie Colors Below:

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