Wrap Dress for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know what it is about the month of February, but pink and red are the staple colors all month-long. I don’t really wear a lot of pink  or red, but I have been loving burgundy/wine tones this season. I found this wrap dress at the Free People store sample sale a few weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day date! This wrap dress is silk so it’s a little more dressed up even though the actual style isn’t anything too fancy. I really love this one because how it wraps it allows for easily adjustment of the waistline. Most wrap dresses or skirts don’t fit me snugly enough around the waist because of where the straps loop through.

Since this wrap dress was a sample (meaning it was returned to that store), I wasn’t able to find this exact dress, however I found this one that is remarkably similar, and some great alternative options below for you to try out! Of course I’m carrying my favorite bag. It’s seriously one of my best purchases. This black clutch, with the chain removable strap. I carry it all the time! Another accessory I’m loving? This adorable choker. I got it in my latest Rocksbox, and guys, Rocksbox has had me stepping up my jewelry game so hard recently! I love how I get really fun pieces anytime I want! Try it out for free with code kaseygoedekerxoxo!

OK lets talk plans. Last year Kale and I went out for a really nice dinner date and it was seriously so good! We didn’t do big gifts or anything, which I honestly prefer. With one exception, before I met Kale, I didn’t have any Valentine’s Day when I was dating anyone, so I’m new to this whole celebrating as a couple thing. Growing up, I always celebrated Valentine’s Day with my family, but it was never a romantic thing until last year with Kale. We went out for a fabulous dinner date and had a wonderful time. Personally I think that Valentine’s Day is over commercialized, with extravagant gifts, but I believe it is about being with and celebrating your love for one another. So pick out a pretty dress and enjoy each other’s company. Put down the phone and turn off instagram, and really spend some time together. It’s the best gift you can give a loved one, really.

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day

Wrap Dress for Valentine's Day


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  1. That dress was made for you!! The color is perfect!

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  2. Wow! That is a beautiful dress, and it matches so well with the shoes and handbag too. I must check this out especially in preparation for summer outings.

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  3. Deimarys wrote:

    I love that dress. The color it’s gorgeous.

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  4. Love that dress so much! So chic on you!


    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  5. Chanelle wrote:

    I must say…I’m in love with the heels! The chocker goes perfectly with this ensemble

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  6. Elise wrote:

    this is beuatiful!! so perfect for Valentine’s day. I lvoe that it’s a littler darker red than the usual valentine’s outfit inspo too 🙂

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  7. Ashley wrote:

    I love this wrap dress! Definitely perfect for Valentine’s day. I love that color!

    xo Ashley

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  8. Annie wrote:

    So gorgeous! This dress is stunning and I’m in love with that color 🙂

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  9. Ruthie wrote:

    I love this dress! I love that it has pockets and gathers at the back! Beautiful color as well!

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  10. Mollie wrote:

    What a pretty dress, that color is stunning!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  11. Natasha wrote:

    Wrap dresses are so classic! This one looks so fun and perfect for a Valentine’s look. And I love wine/burgundy tones…they look great against my skin tone.

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  12. Keoshia wrote:

    Beautiful. I not a red or pink girl either, lol this alternative for Valentine’s day!

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  13. Makayla M. wrote:

    You look amazing in this color! Love that dress on you!

    Xo Makayla

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  14. Shreya De wrote:

    The dress and the colour suits you so well. Love how you have teamed it with black shoes and that choker is fab!! Altogether a perfect outfit for valentines day.


    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  15. This is such a flattering dress on you! Lovin’ all of the Valentine’s content! xx

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  16. Rashida wrote:

    I love that this isn’t a traditional red dress. It’s fits you so well. I really need a wrap dress in my life!

    Posted 1.30.17 Reply
  17. Nataly wrote:

    I love this dress on you! Perfect for date night with your beau!

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  18. Emily wrote:

    such a beautiful color on you! love how you styled this unique wrap dress.

    xo Emily

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  19. I love wrap dresses. This is such a pretty color on you!

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  20. Amanda wrote:

    Such a pretty dress! I totally agree. Red is the color, but I prefer blush, burgundy or black!

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  21. I love this color on you! I agree, it’s perfect for Valentines Day!


    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  22. You look adorable in burgundy. Always love a wrap dress too!

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  23. Stephanie wrote:

    This rich wine color is so beautiful against your fair skin! I love the wrap style of the dress too! So cute! Last year, my boyfriend and I were still long distance, so all we got was a Skype date after he got off work. This year I’m hoping to really enjoy celebrating together now that we live in the same state!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  24. Maggie wrote:

    I’m loving the wrap detail of this dress!!


    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  25. I love a good wrap dress – they’re seriously so flattering on every body type!
    XO Amanda | http://www.glitterandspice.com

    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  26. Shelby Back wrote:

    This color is perfect for this time of year!


    Posted 1.31.17 Reply
  27. Love the whole look. The dress look really pretty n chic.

    Posted 2.1.17 Reply
  28. That burgundy is amazing!!

    Posted 2.1.17 Reply
  29. Mandy wrote:

    You look so pretty in this dress!

    xoxo Mandy

    Posted 2.2.17 Reply
  30. You look fabulous!! And I adore the idea of not giving presents to each other but trying to be truly present and spend time with each other – such a fantastic idea!

    Posted 2.3.17 Reply
  31. Garf wrote:

    I love that dress. It looks cute. You look great in it.

    Posted 2.4.17 Reply
  32. Chloe wrote:

    This wrap dress and those heels are too cute!!

    Posted 2.6.17 Reply
  33. This is such a beautiful dress!! The color is great and I love the shoes that you paired with it!!


    Posted 2.8.17 Reply