Your New Favorite Colors: Outfits Inspired by 2019 EasyCare Paint Colors

EasyCare Paint inspired outfits. Kasey styles outfits based on a selection of EasyCare Paint's new 2019 colors!
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I had the opportunity to chat with the EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint team at the True Value Spring Reunion recently, where they told me all about their products and the latest colors for spring! Below I’m talking about 2019 color trends and how I got inspiration from the curated EasyCare Paint palettes for the upcoming season!

I took a trend class in college while I was studying abroad at London College of Fashion, and I learned about how trends cross all mediums. Something popular in the interior design world may pop up in fashion that next year. Architecture inspires many designers from clothing to furniture and paint colors are no different. EasyCare Paint’s trend colors for the spring are right in line with a few of my new wardrobe pieces, so today I’m showing how I get inspired when creating outfits using EasyCare Paint colors!

Kale and I have been thinking about buying a house and all that goes into it. While paint comes much later in the process, I was so excited to talk with the EasyCare Paint team! I loved learning all about EasyCare Paint, because let’s be honest, I love a project. While we aren’t quite at the painting stage yet… or actually at the buying stage yet, I still wanted to work with EasyCare Paint to show you what they can offer for your next paint project!

About EasyCare Paint

EasyCare Interior Paint* is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), minimizing irritants and pollutants in the air while creating a healthier indoor environment and allowing you to enjoy newly painted spaces sooner.

The paint is also stain resistant, which is great for families or just messy people like me. There are so many options already, but if you had something else in mind, the True Value team can create your own color or match any color to turn your designs into reality. EasyCare Paint is available in flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens in both interior and exterior paint.

The colors are gorgeous. I’m totally that person who would change colors every season to match the trends and my mood. That’s probably why all of my decor is neutral- to avoid excessive projects. EasyCare Paint’s 2019 trend collection of colors is amazing and I am so excited to share more below!

2019 Color Trends

Now for the fun part! I chose a few of my favorite colors from EasyCare Paint’s 2019 collection and styled a few outfits using the paint chips as inspiration.

Outfit 1: Coral of the Story

EasyCare Paint inspired outfits. Kasey styles outfits based on a selection of EasyCare Paint's new 2019 colors!

EasyCare Paint Arizona Sun

Living Coral was chosen as Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, so I couldn’t pass up a great coral option. This color is such a statement, and as you probably know if you’ve followed along for a while, I don’t wear a ton of bright colors in my clothes. (Grey, white, and black is usually my happy place.) I found the perfect piece to represent Arizona Sky for my first outfit. I chose these gorgeous coral sandals from Sole Society that make any outfit pop!

EasyCare Paint inspired outfits. Kasey styles outfits based on a selection of EasyCare Paint's new 2019 colors! Featuring Coral sandals from Sole Society

EasyCare Paint School’s Out

This sounds like a summer color if I’ve ever heard one! It’s such a sweet, soft color, I didn’t want to make the outfit too structured. So, I grabbed a classic light chambray button up to match this paint chip.

Outfit 2: Have A Grey-t Day

EasyCare Paint Steel Blue

Not to be confused with blue steel, steel blue is a gorgeous deep blue that has me thinking that blue may be the new black this season. It’s a tough thing to do, but this rich color is worth it! I chose these fringe Sole Society sandals to pair with the outfit!

EasyCare Paint inspired outfits. Kasey styles outfits based on a selection of EasyCare Paint's new 2019 colors!

EasyCare Paint Beautiful

What a perfect name for a pretty light pink color! I had to grab a pink chip and fit it in as an accent color to my look. I wore this pretty bow in my hair to show off the color and add a pop to my look from behind!

EasyCare Paint Smoke Screen (9C7)

Neutrals are always my inspiration, and the challenge here was definitely the other colors, but I felt like it was important to include them in the color-story since they are a focal point of the outfit! I loved Smoke Screen because, as I mentioned earlier, grey is my happy place and it matched my nails! It was the perfect color to complete the story with my grey moto jacket.

EasyCare Paint Golf Ball

I wasn’t even sure I was going to use this color in my outfit/post, but it definitely fit with this look, and I think it adds a much-needed bright touch!

I honestly grabbed Golf Ball as an ode to Kale because I thought he’d find the name humorous. If we were actually painting something I’m fairly certain he’d push for that color no matter what it looked like! To represent Smoke Screen I wore my grey suede moto-jacket over top a classic white cami inspired by Golf Ball.

*Flat, Eggshell and Satin sheens of EasyCare Ultra Premium Interior Paint is certified by AAFA

Shop both looks below:

Outfit 1: Coral of the Story

Outfit 2: Have A Grey-t Day

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    Smoke Screen is right up my alley!! Love this post concept!!

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    Oooo I love that pretty pink! My fave! Also… blue steel haha! Love that movie.

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    What a fun post! I love these color combos for spring!


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    This post is SO much fun! The steel blue is so pretty!

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    • That pink caught my eye immediately! It’s so pretty!

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    Loved learning more about this pain, stain-resistant is the way to go!!

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