Zylina Wooden Sunglasses

Zylina Wooden Sunglasses | Running in Heels
Thank you to Zylina for sponsoring this post! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Running in Heels possible. All opinions are my own.

Needless to say, I love sunglasses. Living in Texas I find that I really need them year-round, whereas in Ohio they were more of a summer thing, and I put them away and had to buy new ones the next year because I forgot where I put them. Dallas is super sunny, and I wear sunglasses everyday, so I love investing in quality styles and brands, but not break the bank just in case I do lose them. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Zylina to talk about their wooden sunglasses.

I wore both of these pairs when I took over Sundance Square‘s Insta story. I confused everyone and switched halfway through the day… whoops! But as much as I love the round style from the Lost Garden Collection, the cat eyes in the Faye Collection got SO much attention! You guys loved the cat eye sunglasses, so I am thrilled to be officially sharing my new Zylina sunnies with you, finally! I am all about the colored lenses (I’m sure you’ve noticed), so I loved that each of these came in multiple wood and lens color options. When I first thought of wooden sunglasses my sister’s voice was in my head worrying about the trees! Don’t worry, Zylina has made a commitment to plant 10 trees for each pair of sunglasses sold!

My biggest concern when ordering sunglasses is usually the size. I have a rally small head, so it is easy for sunglasses to look completely ridiculous on me. However, there are so many options, I didn’t have a problem finding the right shape for me! In addition to sunglasses, Zylina also offers prescription eyewear, which luckily I don’t need, but if I were to wear glasses all day everyday I would want light styles such as these wooden options. PS they have an awesome referral program!

Zylina Wooden Sunglasses | Running in Heels

Zylina Wooden Sunglasses | Running in Heels

Zylina Wooden Sunglasses | Running in Heels


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  1. Courtney wrote:

    Those sunglasses are so pretty! I love the frame of them.

    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  2. Candace wrote:

    So awesome you were able to find the perfect sunglasses to fit your facial structure, and they look superb on you too! I have a similar problem finding glasses, except for my head being big haha. P.S. I live in the Dallas area now too, so maybe we’ll eventually run into each other at an event 🙂


    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  3. Morgan wrote:

    Loving the cat eye like shape of both pairs!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  4. I have the same problem with sunglasses! I’m currently looking to replace a pair I love, but always falls off my face and have had so much trouble finding the right pair.
    – Katherine

    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  5. those frames are absolutely stunning!

    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  6. Amanda wrote:

    These sunnies are all so cute! I’m in SoCal and a cute pair of sunnies is always a must here too 😛

    Posted 9.6.17 Reply
  7. Really love your sunnies! I want one!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  8. Madeline wrote:

    Such great sunnies!

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  9. Sara wrote:

    Cat Eye sunnies are my favorite style!

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  10. Rach wrote:

    Loving those sunnies and can’t believe they’re made out of wood! They look so chic!


    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  11. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    The cat eye are hands down the cutest. Love these!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  12. I don’t own any sunglasses like this! This is something I definitely want to try! Looks so great on you!

    Posted 9.7.17 Reply
  13. I love the cat eye! Looks so good on you!

    Posted 9.8.17 Reply
  14. Summer Lee wrote:

    those sunnies are so fun!

    Posted 9.8.17 Reply
  15. Adore the cat eye shape ones!! So so good!

    Posted 9.9.17 Reply
  16. Anna English wrote:

    These sunnies are so unique!

    Posted 9.9.17 Reply
  17. Jessica wrote:

    Cateyes are so cute. I love them so much.

    Posted 9.9.17 Reply
  18. how freaking cool are those sunglasses!! I have never seen wooden ones before!

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply
  19. emily wrote:

    Those cat eyes are so so fun!

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply
  20. Sarah K Tripp wrote:

    Wooden glasses are so fun and unique!

    Posted 9.10.17 Reply
  21. Amanda wrote:

    They are so fun! How cute!

    Posted 9.11.17 Reply
  22. Lindsay wrote:

    These sunglasses look amazing on you! I love how you styled them too. So classy and chic!

    Posted 9.11.17 Reply
  23. jasmine wrote:

    those sunnies are killer!!

    Posted 9.14.17 Reply
  24. I have to agree, LOVE the cat eye! Will the brand out x

    Posted 9.14.17 Reply
  25. Great sunnies. They looks so cool on your face.

    Posted 5.16.19 Reply
  26. john watt wrote:

    great post

    Posted 1.2.20 Reply
  27. lil muffin wrote:

    I just found out about this wooden sunglasses!! Is it a coincidence that my name is also Zylina???

    Posted 1.14.22 Reply