Amazon Prime Day Wish List

Hooray! It’s Amazon Prime Day! Who else is excited to talk about something other than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for a minute? It’s really a shame they happen at the same time because they both cost me a lot of money and I just booked a trip to NYC which means my bank account is NOT happy with me. So, instead of showing all of the stuff I bought (because it’s only one day, and while Amazon has really fast shipping, they haven’t figured out teleportation yet.)

Amazon Prime Day is another exclusive sale open to only those with prime accounts. However, you can open up an account and use the free trial top shop the sale if you’ve never done it before! This is the sale where I save and wait for the electronics I’m looking for and home items I’ve had my eye on to go on sale. Of course there’s the impulse purchases, for example, last year I got an Amazon Echo Dot and I pretty much use it as a radio… not worth it unless I learn more about what it can do. However it may be more helpful if I get the fire tv stick which I had my eye on!

Below is my Amazon Prime Day Wish List. I’ll do my best to update it throughout the day!


Amazon Prime Day Wish List: Tech


Amazon Prime Day Wishlist: Home

Amazon Prime Day Wishlist: Fitness & Other

OK this list isn’t too long, with the site being weird (I can’t search) and it being a Monday, I don’t think I have the mental capacity to continue scrolling! I definitely still won’t be getting everything on my list, but it’s a good start and some inspiration for you! I know there are some beauty and fashion deals on Prime Day, but that is way too overwhelming for me. I like to search for exactly what I’m looking for, compare brands, and buy. For clothing it’s a whole other playing field on Amazon! I prefer to buy tech, appliances and home goods on Prime day, and I hope my wishlist helped a few of you find items you love as well!


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  1. i thought about getting a new coffee/espresso machine for the new house, but i told myself to wait until we actually move šŸ™‚

    Posted 7.20.18 Reply
  2. Nataly wrote:

    I didn’t pick anything up this year and now I am kicking myself! Looks like you all got some great items!

    Posted 7.23.18 Reply
  3. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    Wish I grabbed some of these items!! They are such a good deal!

    Posted 7.24.18 Reply