Why You Need Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Until this week, I didn’t know how obsessed I was with sweatshirt dresses for fall. I bought this one a few weeks ago and was waiting until it got cold enough to wear it. The inside is fleece, so I was going to roast in the 80+ degrees. This week the weather finally reached 50s in Dallas and started to feel like Fall, so I broke out my sweatshirt dresses!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you probably know that my go-to colors are grey or black. Little black dresses are my favorite, and these sweatshirt dresses I linked and the one I’m wearing is no different!

When choosing a sweatshirt dresses this fall season here are a few things to look for:

Comfort: When getting dressed, I typically choose clothes that I’m comfortable in. Comfort over style always for me, but that doesn’t mean the two can’t work together. Since athleisure came into fashion I’ve been golden! Sweatshirt dresses are easy to throw on and style any day of the week.

Weight: Depending on where you live, you’ll want to take the weight of the dress into consideration. I mentioned this one I’m wearing is actually fleece on the inside which makes for a very soft finish, but also too warm for even Dallas’s warm fall days. You may be better off choosing a terry material or even a dress with shorter sleeves.

Style: Whether you prefer bling, a classic look, or want additional styling on your sweatshirt there is definitely one out there for you. While writing this post I found more dresses than I expected so I broke them out into categories below!

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Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

Sweatshirt Dresses for Fall

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  1. Gita wrote:

    Ha I literally just bought one yesterday. I love the side detail on this one

    Posted 11.1.17 Reply
  2. Kileen wrote:

    This sweater dress is so cute and I love the lace-up details on the side!! Love them paired with over the knee boots.

    cute & little

    Posted 11.1.17 Reply
  3. Nataly wrote:

    I love this sweater dress! It looks so cozy!

    Posted 11.2.17 Reply
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    I had a sweatshirt dress last year that I loved! But it was just slightly too short and I ended up giving it away. I really love the one you’re wearing and the fun lace-up details (I’m a sucker for anything with lace-up)! Gotta get myself this one to make up for the loss of the old one haha!

    Posted 11.2.17 Reply
  5. Loving that sweater dress!!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

    Posted 11.2.17 Reply
  6. Sara wrote:

    This dress looks so cozy and I love it with the tall boots!

    xo, Sara

    Posted 11.2.17 Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    That is such a cute sweatshirt dress Kasey! I’m loving the lace up details on the sides.

    xo, Laura

    Posted 11.3.17 Reply
  8. Paulina wrote:

    Oh gosh I live in sweatshirt dresses in fall! Have so many and now after seeing this one, I want another one! #trouble

    Sending love from Napa Valley!

    Paulina | SHENSKA

    Posted 11.3.17 Reply
  9. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    Oh my gosh I love this entire outfit!! That dress has the cutest details!!

    Posted 11.4.17 Reply
  10. Silvia wrote:

    This is such a cute look! I love sweatshirt dresses!

    Posted 11.5.17 Reply
  11. Jenn Hanft wrote:

    Sweater dresses are literally my favorite thing in the colder season! Love the side lace up detail xx

    With love, Jenn

    Posted 11.6.17 Reply
  12. I legit need this to cover my bump!! This looks so cozy!

    Posted 11.7.17 Reply
  13. Natasha wrote:

    the details on that dress are just TOO cute!

    Posted 11.8.17 Reply
  14. Courtney wrote:

    That dress is so cute!! I love the details of it.

    Posted 11.9.17 Reply