Best Amazon Finds

Best Amazon Finds featured by top Dallas life and style blogger, Running in Heels.

Let me start with an unpopular opinion: I am not a huge Amazon fan. I still think of Amazon as a place to find books that aren’t in-store or get random necessities that you can’t find anywhere else. I usually place an Amazon order about once a quarter, but I’ve been ordering more lately and am finally starting to see the lure of the mega-retailer.

I have found some great Amazon finds in my recent searches so I wanted to share them with you, so scroll down to see them all?

I have personally tried and love each of these Amazon Finds so I can’t wait to hear what your favorites are! Have you tried any of these? What’s the best “random” item you’ve purchased on Amazon lately? Tell me in the comments below!

Best Recent Amazon Finds:

Wine Bottle Caps

Somehow we’ve dwindled our supply of useful won bottle corks. We have a ton that don’t actually work, and we also needed shorter options for the fridge. These wine caps were perfect! They fit right over the top of the bottle and seal it shut to keep the wine fresh.

Champagne Stopper

I don’t typically drink champagne or sparkling wines at home because I am never going to drink it all in one sitting! I love that I have a stopper to keep the bubbles in, and now I can be fancy and open champagne whenever I want!

Mighty Patch

Maskne anyone? Masks, hormones, stress, whatever the cause, I’m breaking out and need a solution! I have heard so many great things about these patches and had to give them a shot. They worked so well! I was so happy with the results, my pimple is all but gone overnight.

Massage Gun

This was actually Kale’s purchase. He tried out a friend’s and loved it. He did a lot of research and looked around for months before pulling the trigger. I am so happy he ordered this massage gun. It is so great for sore muscles and getting knots out of shoulders.

USB- C Hub

This was my second adapter because my first one broke after less than a year. This one had tons of good reviews and is great so far! I need the adaptor for my Mac Book because the only ports are for thunderbolts which makes no sense to me. But alas, the struggles of an Apple lover.

Milk Frother

I’ve seen several people post about this frother, and oh my gosh this was the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time! It just heat a cup of milk, froth, and pour over my coffee!

Chip Clips

Does anyone else feel like there is never enough chip clips? Somehow they always go missing! I ordered these for Kale and I, he requested ‘non-girly’ chip clips, because apparently I have girly taste.

Kitchen Blow Torch

If you know me, you know I love toasted marshmallows. For $15, it was totally worth it to be able to toast marshmallows at home! Don’t forget the lighter fluid, in this case they were sold separately.

Amazon Fire Stick 4k

Apparently there is a common issue with the original fire sticks where the HDMI port wears out and starts to disconnect from the network frequently. It was becoming an issue for us, so we finally upgraded. The old one lasted about two years, we’re hoping the new one has a better life-span.

External Hard Drive

Another issue with Macbooks are the memory space when you run large programs. My Mac and Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop do not get along, so I have to frequently transfer photos, videos, and documents so I don’t overload my computer.

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