Friday Favorites: 7.26.19

Happy Friday! We’re back this week with a few fun favorites, including a new fun coffee shop, the latest skincare I’m using, and so much more!

Foxtrot Market

A new market/coffee shop/wine bar/co-working space in Uptown Dallas. This space is always busy, and I LOVE it! My go-to is an iced lavender latte, but I’m sure everything is great. On a Thursday afternoon as I type this there are so many tables of men, women, singles, doubles, meetings, sipping wine and/or coffee. The staff is great and always friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is fun and Instagram worthy.


I’ve started using a new cleanser this month since I finished my Dermalogica one, and I’m really liking it! I do find it tough to talk about skincare because my skin isn’t very sensitive, so usually, if I notice something different about my skin, it’s a bad thing. This one is going great, it’s actually gotten me through the time of the month when I usually get hormonal acne without pimple in sight! TBD on whether that was just luck though. I’ll check back next month again!

Monogrammed Backback

I got this adorable backpack in the mail a couple weeks ago and I’ve been using it nonstop ever since! It’s monogrammed and gray, so I obviously love it. It’s great for travel, like the type of bag you’d want to carry around while exploring a new city (it’s too small for a carry-on). I’m all about the backpack life because I’m not fussing with a bag on my arm all day, then. However, when we went to Disney World, I will say, I ended up carrying all of my sister’s stuff in one.

This Historical Landmark in Dallas

I might still do a full blog post with these photos because I’m obsessed. But since it is quite literally a favorite this week, I’m excited to share this awesome Dallas find. I’ve driven past this building quite a few times since moving to Dallas, each time marveling at it for a moment then moving on with my day. Once I started blogging I wanted to shoot here on more than one occasion but didn’t have a great idea to make it work. FINALLY, last week, my friend Amanda and I went, we shot photos, and I’m in love.

What’s more, was after the shoot I began to research the art deco building more and learned so much about it! The building is a former Good Luck gas station-turned-office, and currently for sale. According to it was built in 1939 and was operational until the 70s. It fell into disrepair and was torched by arsonists in 1992, but later was restored and enclosed to create the office space that it is today. The GLOCO sign still stands outside. While there used to be three of these stations, this one is the only one that still stands, and it is considered a Dallas Landmark.

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